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    When making critical business decisions or contemplating strategic initiatives, the appropriate path to follow is rarely certain and crystal clear. The investment of scarce, valuable resources – people, funding, and time – are usually considerable. Uncertainty and ambiguity are continuous threats that present risks to the business and its shareholders.

    By using Harttman Groups’s experienced consultants you can focus on your business, leaving all of the IT to us. An efficiently designed and implemented network can increase productivity and reduce down time. Harttman Group offers an array of technology services and customized solutions that help maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) and lower your cost.

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Travel Sales

What’s another perk to traveling for free? Earning $6,000+ NET a month while doing it! Let Harttman Group show you how to become a success in the field of Travel Sales. This business can be done from home or otherwise; it’s up to you.

E-Commerce Product Distributor

Being an E-Commerce Product Distributor is the ideal career for anyone wanting to transact all business from home. Earn anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 NET a month from home by letting Harttman Group build your E-Commerce Product Distributing business.  E-Commerce is simply the buying and selling of a product over an electronic system, such as the Internet. Online purchases increase daily, increasing the need for distribution. Harttman Group will get you on track to generating large profits for yourself, while maintaining a reputable Online Distributor.

Web Management

Interested in earning anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000+ NET a month from home? Harttman Group can help you do this by building your Web Management business for success. Web Management can range anywhere from web design, web content development, and network security configuration, to name a few. Let Harttman Group build a strong business model and plan, specifically designed to your needs, so that your Web Management business can continue to grow.


Commercial Photography

Earn $30,000+ NET a month while allowing yourself to explore your creative side! Let Harttman Group build your Commercial Photography business—all from your home. Commercial Photographers can specialize in anywhere from Travel, Product, Fashion, to General Advertising, etc.


Marketing Management

How does earning $7000-$10,000 NET a month sound to you? Let Harttman Group provide you with the proper planning and development that one in the Marketing Management business needs. There are so many different levels to this industry, as each business can have its own tailored marketing strategies. With Harttman Group, in addition to the planning of how your business will succeed, top-notch resources would be available at your fingertips, an advantage that many other Marketing Specialists/Management companies won’t have. You even have the ability to do this from home, a luxury many of the other Marketing Management companies won’t have.


Storage Unit Auctions

Did you know that over 100,000 storage units are auctioned off every day? Earn anywhere from $5000-$10,000 NET a month by letting Harttman Group build your Storage Unit Auctions business that can be done from home. Receive information on everything from what kind of software you need, to actually winning the auctions, and, of course, how to turn the items that you acquire into massive profits! This market is so largely untapped that there is immense room for growth.


Used Furniture

Harttman Group knows that, every day, more and more people are turning to “used” items, like cars, for instance. The one constant, though, has always been the practical idea of purchasing used furniture. A great industry to get in to, but where to start? Let Harttman Group help you bring in $20,000 NET a month with a tailored Used Furniture Business. There are many aspects to explore in this industry and, believe it or not, a lot of this work can be done from your home. Harttman Group can show you how this is possible, how to succeed at it, and how to generate maximum revenue.


Parts and Service

Earn anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 NET a month by letting Harttman Group start your Parts and Service Distribution business. You will have access to a tailored business model and strategy/plan that shows you how to successfully distribute car parts and services all over the United States, while continuing to grow and generate more revenue.


Call Center

Let Harttman Group build your Call Center business, helping you earn over $5,000 NET a month. More and more companies are relying on Call Centers to employ a customer service group to handle any customer or client questions or concerns. In addition, Call Centers are being used by companies, both large and small, for the employees’ benefits as well.

Virtual Assistant

The success of a business often relies on how well it can maintain the communication with its clients. Utilizing today’s technology, more and more businesses are investing in Virtual Assistants, by contracting them, to get the job done. Harttman Group can show you how to turn yourself into a company’s biggest asset, bringing in $10,000 NET a month for being a Virtual Assistant.  The best part of all is that all of it can be done directly from your home! Once an assessment is done, Harttman Group can either narrow down an area of specialty or have you ready for “across-the-board” services.

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