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    When making critical business decisions or contemplating strategic initiatives, the appropriate path to follow is rarely certain and crystal clear. The investment of scarce, valuable resources – people, funding, and time – are usually considerable. Uncertainty and ambiguity are continuous threats that present risks to the business and its shareholders.

    By using Harttman Groups’s experienced consultants you can focus on your business, leaving all of the IT to us. An efficiently designed and implemented network can increase productivity and reduce down time. Harttman Group offers an array of technology services and customized solutions that help maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) and lower your cost.

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Quality Control

Harttman has the ability to structure a business for you under any type of service or distribute any type of product. This brings us to quality control. Your company is only as good as the product or service that is received by your customer. If the service is bad or the product is bad, you've lost that customer and future referrals. This is bad business. Harttman understands quality control on every level and will help train you on the various different day-to-day strategies on how to help you and help your staff be accountable to a higher level of quality control for services or products so that you maintain long term relationships with your customers and open yourself up to future referrals.

Customer Service

Harttman doesn’t want to spend a lot of time brow beating the issues of how important customer service is. When you hire us to launch a company for you or to restructure your current business we take a long look at how customer service is being handled within the infrastructure of your company or the company we start for you.  Companies who don’t’ put custoimer service first, have a short life span in today’s economy.  We will help train you and your staff or retrain your existing staff on easy day-to-day regiments that can be structured to help get a handle on increasing a higher level of customer service.  Customer Service is the one thing that you will see increase the numbers in your bank account.

Communications Management

Communications is very simple.  Harttman understands that it doesn’t matter what a great concept you have, what a great product you have, or how wonderful you may think your business idea is.  If nobody can find you then you generate no revenue.  Communication with your target market through the internet and understanding what drives traffic to your website is essential to communicating with your target market.  Again, this is another area where Harttman’s staff can guide you in the right direction.  We have one of the best IT and Web Development Departments on-hand 24 hours a day.

Budget Management

People in the business world have a misguided concept that successful businesses are all about making money.  Harttman knows that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  A real successful business worries about overhead more than revenue streams.  It’s not what you make, its what you keep.  This brings us to budgetary planning for the start and future of your company.  This couldn’t be more vital to the heartbeat of whatever venture you are pursuing.  Managing your overhead and budgetary planning has to be well defined, well structured and executed so that your daily expenses and overhead don’t far exceed your profit margins.  This is one of Harttman’s main focuses and expertise.  We focus on overhead immediately and worry about profit margins and revenue streams later.  From office supplies to hiring emplolyees to managing daily operational costs, supply costs, and many other incurred expenses need to be looked at from day one or else the train can run off the tracks.  Please note that 90% of the companies in Amercia that file bankruptcy file not because their idea wasn’t good, but as research proves it was due to bad money management.  

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