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    When making critical business decisions or contemplating strategic initiatives, the appropriate path to follow is rarely certain and crystal clear. The investment of scarce, valuable resources – people, funding, and time – are usually considerable. Uncertainty and ambiguity are continuous threats that present risks to the business and its shareholders.

    By using Harttman Groups’s experienced consultants you can focus on your business, leaving all of the IT to us. An efficiently designed and implemented network can increase productivity and reduce down time. Harttman Group offers an array of technology services and customized solutions that help maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) and lower your cost.

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Expansion Projections

Not only will Harttman enter into conversations about expansion strategy, we will do a complete market analysis providing your company with projections and spreadsheets in writing so that the learning process to this is easier to understand.  A lot of times in corporate America, it's easier to understand where your marketing dollars need to go when you have accurate projections to help you understand daily operations and overhead.  Harttman's staff will help guide you in this area as well, handling the problem for you so that it is not a problem and that you maintain a successful reputable companyin the community.

Expansion Strategy

Without expansion you can never discuss the word growth. Developing an expansinon plan strategically designed to grow your concept will also increase your revenue streams. Harttman's staff are experts at company growth expansion. We will analyze your products and servies combined with your daily operational cost and your current monthly overhead to determine the marketing dollars needed for future growth. This is the heart beat to the future of a company and must be addressed.

Insurance Consulting

Product liability and corporate protection are one of the decisions needed to be made when starting a new company. There are thousands of insurance brokers out there today that promise you the world with high hidden fees. Harttman will help you understand which agencies are the most reputable, as well help draft a plan that covers the liability protection your company needs without an insurance company having you pay for added bells and whistles you don't need.

Employment Consulting

Harttman understands the science to not only hire employees for future company growth, but to hire the RIGHT employees. Harttman will show you various different avenues to use, organizations to contact, and strategies related to your company that will help you hire correctly. Harttman understands this one fact – a bad employee is like a run away cancer to your company.

Operational Expenses

As in previous instructional areas of our site, Harttman has expressed the importance of overhead. Without taking control of your daily operational expenses and understanding what is needed and what's not needed, you can end up spending more money than your company is making and be headed for bankruptcy fast. Harttman's staff will develop a strategy intriciatley designed to fit your budget and the overall structure of your new business. You pay Harttman to take care of the head ache so you don't have to.

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