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    When making critical business decisions or contemplating strategic initiatives, the appropriate path to follow is rarely certain and crystal clear. The investment of scarce, valuable resources – people, funding, and time – are usually considerable. Uncertainty and ambiguity are continuous threats that present risks to the business and its shareholders.

    By using Harttman Groups’s experienced consultants you can focus on your business, leaving all of the IT to us. An efficiently designed and implemented network can increase productivity and reduce down time. Harttman Group offers an array of technology services and customized solutions that help maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) and lower your cost.

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Real Time Bidding

RTB (Real Time Bidding), projected to do $4 BILLION dollars this year, is the biggest industry nobody has heard of.  Well, not quite nobody.  Only 4 out of every1,000 companies are currently using a RTB campaign to increase Customer Conversions.  That number is growing significantly.  RTB is the fast growing segment in Digital Advertising and is projected to be at the $20 BILLION mark by 2017.  If you don’t use RTB technologies soon, your competitors certainly will.  And with the amazing power of RTB, you will be behind the 8 Ball and desperately trying to catch up 

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